Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2018

Wild West Character Challenge

This is my contribution to the Wild West Character Design Challenge on Artstation.

The Story:

In a small town a bank robbery happened at night. Leo was the only witness. No one believes him exept his sister Loretta. As the major suspects natives to have rob the bank he calls for the gunslingers 'Ruby' and 'Goldy'. They are headhunters specialized in chasing natives. Leo decides to find the real bank robbers and prove them guilty.

Close Ups

The Lineup

The Gunslingers 
Grace Paraka aka 'Ruby Rope' aka 'Ruby' and Jeremiah Schroeder aka 'Gold Nose' aka 'Goldy' 

The Lawmen
Major Dingston and his adjutant Ex- Sgt. Taylor 

The Natives
Anoki and the old shamaness Yanaba 

The Outlaws
Lorenzo and Ramon 

The Townpeople
Loretta Stoshki aka 'Peach' and Leo Stoshki aka 'The Drummer' (He is the Main Character)