Graphic Novel

Du Bist ein Dinosaurier

A nice appeal to our ancestors, a cuddly soft confrontation therapy and an appetizer for life is this booklet that addresses the aging generation.

Published by jaja-Verlag

ISBN 978-3-943417-24-0

Falscher Heiland

Excerpts from my contribution to the

"Subway To Sally - Storybook Vol.2"

Published by Schwarzen Turm Verlag

ISBN 978-3934167582


Page example

Franz Kafka

- Der Kurier des Czaren -

Excerpt from my 2010 adaption of a text fragment by Franz Kafka. Made during my studies at Bauhaus University Weimar. Mentored by Franz Zauleck.

You can watch the whole book on Behance

Catgut Cutout

A semi-autobiografic trip though the inner space of my cat alterego.


Watch the full book on Behance


- 24 h Comic -

Completely without any ideas and exhausted, as I hadn't been able to close my eyes the night before, I arrived at the 24h comic day and tried to make the best of it. I had made it my task for the forthcoming time to capture the world of thoughts that had not let me fall asleep the night before. Completely without an idea to draw a story on it, I already had some headaches, but I just as well lacked the red thread.

The following scenes of a sleepless person were the result.

An experiment.

Old Baron's Chess Game

Is a private comic project which started at the 24h Comic Day in 2011. The world I started to create here, I continue in my project ÆVUM VERTICALIS.

The comic was therefore the initial spark for this and who knows, maybe the story of the little boy will go even further.

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