Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Humongous Door

Currently I have a lot to do so I'm only able to show some older pieces.

This 'door' was made on a weekend five months ago for the 'hand painted door'-challenge at Sketchfab.

It is my version of the ‘Humongous Door’ from Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’ movie. My interpretation is closer to the concept art done by Brian Froud than to the version you can see in the movie. If you want to know more about it, look at this neat blog.

You can open the door by yourself using the animation (set simply Static Pose to Take 001 on the bottom) :)

Donnerstag, 28. September 2017


One year ago I've made this lowpoly model for a spanish chat application called 'QT Face' for IOS and Android. The head would be used as an animated 3d chat avatar. Besides the modeling I've also done the concept and the texturing work. The eyes are only for presentation purposes inside the app you can see the real eyes of the users.

Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Concept Art for 'Alpha-Ma'

Wohoo I'm able to show something 'new' in here. :)

I worked as Concept Artist for a planned chinese web-series called 'Alpha-Ma' (working-title) back in the days of 2015. Sadly it couldn't be realized. The task was to create 3 different robot designs with a similar design language. I was in constant contact with the director to help him realizing his vision. The first robot is called 'Alpha-Ma' and is the best friend of the main character (a young boy). This one had to look like an old and worn medical robot. The second robot which is called 'Baby-Robot' (working-title) is a tiny and quirky sidekick that looks like a toy. The third one is a bear-like giant warrior robot. They all were made and designed to attract a younger target group so the robots had to work as toy designs too. My time frame was very limited and I learned a lot.

'Alpha-Ma' Design Version 1

This was my first design and the best one in my opinion. But it looked too skeletal and scary in kids eyes said the director. He is the boss. :)

But they were happy with his head.

'Alpha-Ma' Design Version 2 with a more organic and rounded body. His right arm has special powers(!).

This is the Final Design for 'Alpha-Ma'. (shorter and more voluminous legs)

First doodles for the toy-robot sidekick called the 'Baby-Robot'.

Final Design of the 'Baby-Robot'

The articulation of his tracks is his way to communicate emotions.

Some color tests with the final design.

The description of the 'Warrior-Robot' was a bit vage. So I tried out different shapes to find the character. The director chose No 6.

Blockin basic forms. I liked the the ape type of head, but it had to go in a bear direction.

The final design of the 'Warrior-Robot'.

'Warrior-Robot' rendertests.

'Warrior-Robot' - pose and color test.

A little blueprint thingy I've made just for fun.

Early sketches for the first one, the 'Alpha-Ma' robot.

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

Elder Goblin Sculpt

A little speedsculpt(4h) of an older goblin, sculpted entirely without symmetry on. Very funny to do.

Another toony render composition...