Donnerstag, 1. September 2016


This is a realtime character I made for a contest on Humster 3D a few month ago. I was quite unhappy with my final result. So I decided to rework some textures and change the pose and the whole concept a little bit. I made some screengrabs from Marmoset Toolbag to make a worthy presentation of this guy.

I was a litte bit confused because of the difference between a troglodyte and a troglobite. So I took the consequence and changed the name of the project.

Characters Story:

This is an amphibious, hominid Troglobite. They are blind and inhabit a huge subterranean cavern system. Every season the males go on a journey to bring the fertilized spawn to a well kept secret place. On their way they have to resist several perils.

The highpoly sculpture:

I also added this guy to my Sketchfab portfolio, so you can watch him from every angle: