Dienstag, 3. September 2019

Mongolian Eagle Hunter

A quick contribution to the Character Design Challenge on FB. This month's topic is "Mongolian Eagle Hunter". Unfortunately I noticed it too late. So I left the PC aside and I drew a quick picture with ballpoint pen yesterday morning.

Tanker (colored)

This was originally a concept sculpt that I created for 3D printing. I printed it on my FDM, but I have no idea how to paint it, so I decided to try different color schemes digitally in Substance. It was quite funny to texture this guy.

3D Viewer

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Freitag, 2. August 2019


A little personal painting so I don't get rusty. I wanted to give some color to a creature from my sketchbook. It would be possible to go further with the rendering, but I think I've captured the idea. Maybe I'll build it in 3d if time permits.


I was in Norway in April. I drew this on the outward flight. Breathtaking landscapes there and great myths.

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2019

Schleich Eldrador Creatures: Cavebear, Battlecrab and Ice Spider

Since 2 years I have been working for the German toy manufacturer Schleich on the new Eldrador Creatures series. Together with the great art department of Schleich I designed some new figures and modelled them for the production. Three figures I have worked on are already available for purchase. If you are already in a toy store, take a look at the Schleich shelf. More creatures will follow.

With the release of the creatures, I can now show some of the material. I will post them in chronological order of creation.

The Cave Bear

(Schleich 42454 Höhlenbär)

Product Designs

3D Sculpture

The fine details must be greatly exaggerated in the model so that they remain clearly visible during the production process.

Final Toy

The originally rejected stone collar concept was later realized by another artist at Schleich.

The Battle Crab

(Schleich 42495 Kampfkrabbe)

Product Designs

3D Sculpture 

Final Toy

The Ice Spider

(Schleich 42494 Eisspinne)

Product Designs

3D Sculpture

Final Toy

Dienstag, 12. März 2019

Wow! Top Row at ZBrushCentral!

This week I was added to the top row gallery at ZBrushCentral with my latest npr rendering works. It's a great honor.

Thanks Pixologic!