Samstag, 23. April 2016

Race Above the Clouds

A cat and a duck in a fast competition above the clouds, hidden for human eyes, sitting in some diy-junk airships and fighting for the win.

This image was done for a contest at RenderStreet. The goal was to interpret the given concept to a full rendered scene inside of Blender.

It was the 1st price winning entry. The price is 1 year of renderfarming at Renderstreet, I'm so glad that it happens cause my actual bigger 3d project (I don't want to say more) will defintive profit on this.

The scene was build and rendered in Blender. The GPU rendering in Cycles took me 17h on a Titan X in my Workstation with a Intel Xeon E5-2620.

Here are the final airships on Sketchfab in 3D:

All texturing work was done with Substance Painter. Here are some renderings made with the new implemented I-Ray renderer.