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In 2012 I've created this poster for a image campaign of a city cooperation of Erfurt, Weimar and Jena. The task was to create a fancyfull and artistic image that represents the cities as a vibrant and organic place which causes a positive feeling of togetherness in the viewers. These cooperation is called in german 'Impulsregion' which is obviously a frankenword that consists of 'region' and 'impulse'. I had these idea of fruits which are growing on a giant translucent branch, so I made many sketches of this for the meetings to find what fits at best. But I tried also other concepts and designs:

"Thuringia" will also be called the green heart of germany, that was a very fancy interpretation of that. It is the most cheesiest picture I've ever made, I swear you! :)

These are the sketches I've made after these experiments:

My purpose was to create a very unique visual experience, so I created the different elements of the final piece with different techniques. The result is a mixed-media compositon of 3d and analog sculpting, painting and retouching at least.

Here is a little making-of of some of these elements:

 The poster was placed everywhere in the local cities. Here is a little impression of Weimar.

I've already reported about this poster at these times but my blog already needed a making-of too.

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