Freitag, 28. August 2015

Metzger Wines

In cooperation with Stauffer - Medien & IT I made some illustrations for different wine etiquettes.

A winemaker named Metzger (german for butcher) commissioned us to uplift their former designs.


My first job was to integrate the vintner himself into the label.

"Drink'N'Ride is a sweet and nonalcoholic secco.

(the cow was given and is based on the first corporate design made by Buero Medienagenten)

Dry Aged

The second illustration was for a well seasoned wine which is called "Dry-Aged".

The task was to show the vintner in the fictional pose of pushing some hanged wine barrels like a real butcher would do to make Dry-aged beef.


The "Pinot-Tauren"(Tauren; german plural for taurus) is Metzger's trinity of Pinot Noirs. Every wine is from various sites and is grown on different soil.

So the task was to communicate this distinction through the bulls' poses and expressions.

You can find the wine on the customers website:

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